Unlock Your College Journey: Personalized Guidance, Boundless Opportunities!

We give our client’s an edge by creating an individualized plan that leads to achieving their destiny. We guide our clients along the path to thrive in college.

Creating the Perfect College List

With extensive experience guiding students and collaborating with numerous colleges, I offer personalized consultations to help students find their ideal college fit.

Understanding each student’s needs

Experience personalized college guidance with one-on-one sessions. Tailored to understand each student, ensuring their unique needs and aspirations are met.


Craft compelling, tailored college essays through personalized guidance. I understand students' unique stories while aligning with colleges' expectations for impactful applications.


As lifelong learners and having done their undergraduate degrees in philosophy, our founders believe that education is the best way to make the world a better place.

And many more…


The most valuable thing I got from this process was getting a very clear and concise understanding of myself and to verbalize that with people. That is such a useful skill no matter where I go. He will take the best part of yourself and then Shine the Light on the end, just makes it more visible.
Got acceptance to IE in Madrid for November 2011. It was a lot of hard work, but in the end it paid off! Wanted to thank you for your exceptional efforts throughout this process, always going above and beyond. You were always responsive, critical and thorough.

What makes us different?

Decades of Experience

With years of expertise, I've guided countless students to their dream colleges, ensuring personalized success every step of the way.

Reevaluating Counseling Ratios

A school’s counselor has on average 450 students. At college cartography you will experience one on one quality guidance.

Proven Systems

Unlock your path to top colleges with our proven systems. We build and keep you on track, ensuring you stand out to admissions officers. Best of all? We know what they are looking for!

Overarching Mapping Strategy

Our guiding North Star is each clients’ unique talents, experiences, and dreams.

Limiting intake ensures personalized attention. With meticulous planning, I tailor sessions for maximum impact, maintaining close relationships to track and support students effectively.

Take control of your academic and professional path by locating your current position, relative to your goals.

Our strategy starts with understanding our client’s core values to create an adaptable map that provides them with many clear options.

Meet our Team

Robert Park

Robert founded College Cartography to help students get the best education possible. He worked in admissions consulting for college and MBA admission for 15 years.

Matthew Klinestiver

Matthew Klinestiver is a college admissions advising and educational development specialist. For the last decade, he has helped countless students gain top SAT/ACT scores.

Charles Schaeffer

Charles Schaeffer graduated with a B.A. in philosophy, from one of the top international philosophy departments. Charles stays on the cutting edge, pushing his education even further.

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