College Admissions Consulting Service

Our students are accepted to top-tier colleges where the personal and academic experiences are right for them.

We will help project manage and advise students through the labyrinth of college admissions.

Mapping Strategy

We provide students the skill set to design maps and form workable models to guide themselves, no matter where they are or where they are going.

We help students take a survey of their past experiences, talents, and skills then provide concrete next steps towards college admission and beyond.

A map helps you keep your bearings and keeps you on track towards your goal.

We help our clients to reach the four major milestones to college admission.

40% of college students drop out or fail to graduate in 4 years. [1]

Gaining admission to a top college doesn't assure success.
Take the extra steps to map out your goals for college

Start mapping your destiny with a free 1 hour consultation

College Selection

We will help select colleges that work best for our clients’ individual needs. Students must demonstrate they have researched the college and will thrive in their program. If a college is a good fit then it’s a good investment.

We help you research colleges, chart possible
majors and pathways within each college.

Our goal is to get students to thrive in college,
career, and onward.

A sample of colleges that previous clients were accepted to

University of Pennsylvania
University of Michigan

Carnegie Mellon University
American University
UC San Diego

Oxford at Emory
New York University
Columbia University
Notre Dame University
UC Davis

Too many students and their families use college ranking to select their colleges.

Students should spend at least 2 hours of quality research per college in order to show they understand the college program and show how it fits with them.

Personal Essay

The personal essay is the most important part of the application. All other components of the application must reinforce the essay to make a coherent narrative. The students’ past academic, professional, and personal experiences need to show their values and mission. The applicant must show how the college will help you achieve those ultimate goals. Our mapping strategy provides structure through guided self-reflection that brings out an authentic and powerful narrative.

Activities List

Enhance the quality of current activities where possible.

Assist in finding activities
that build your skill set.

Align your activity list
to your personal essay

Recommendation Letters

Outstanding letters of recommendation (LOR) demonstrate that a student can build good relationships and connect with possible mentors. Fostering good relations will optimize the recommendations. Yet, students need mature and insightful advice to navigate their social surroundings and develop these skills.

Mapping the structure of the institutional barriers can facilitate positive recommendations. For example, most colleges require a LOR from a guidance counselor and the average case load is 400+ students to 1 counselor.

Start mapping your destiny with a free 1 hour consultation