Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other admissions consultants?

We worked with other admissions companies and have done in-depth research into our competition. Most companies treat students have a formulaic process to churn out applications solely to get accepted into college. They often undermine a student’s ability to thrive in college by paving a clear path to the college door steps.

Large companies are profit motivated. We value helping students and there we only take a limited number of clients. We value helping students make the most of their academic lives and how that intersects with morals and career.

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Our Philosophy

How much does the admissions consultation service cost?

  1. Our service starts at $12,000; however, we work within your budget.
  2. Depending on specific qualifying budgetary factors, we are willing to work with you pro bono

How can I compare the value of different services?

Compare savings from our previous clients to the competition. For example, we have saved clients up to $140,000.

What are your qualifications?

These are visible on the Philosophy page.

What services do you offer?

College Admissions, Graduate School and Career Guidance consulting.

Who is the owner?

We are an independently operated company. You work directly with those responsible. We work for ourselves and for you, there is no middleman.

How can I contact you for work?

Fill out our registration form on the Contact Us page

My question was not listed?

We encourage you to contact us to write out any new questions you might have.

Read more about us and our mission

Our Philosophy

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