MBA/Grad School Admissions

Congratulations! You’ve decided to continue your education to further your path towards a meaningful and purposeful career. However, there are pitfalls, blind alleys, dead ends and many ways to get sidetracked without proper planning.

Maximize the return on your investment on tuition and time away from working by making sure you’re applying not only to the right schools but also to the right program within those schools.

We know from experience most applicants to graduate school apply without honestly and deeply reflecting on exactly why they are applying to their chosen schools. The formal education you receive at grad programs is only a fraction of career benefits. Networks and advanced opportunities offered at grad school should be well mapped out before applying to optimize acceptance and the benefits of any grad school.

If you can’t clearly articulate your post-graduate plans to go to grad school, then your chances of acceptance are slim; as well as seeing a return on your investment of tuition and not working for a few years.

Mapping Strategy

Identifying a field of study is the bare-minimum amount of research one should do before applying to graduate school. We help identify the right grad schools and the many pathways within a graduate program to ensure you thrive academically, develop a professional network and connections to succeed after graduating.

College Selection

The most important aspects of college selection are the academic offerings! All else are secondary considerations. However, there are thousands of colleges and university but only a few that will fit all your criteria.

40% of college students drop out or fail to graduate in 4 years. [1]
This is mostly caused by a failure to have a clear mapping strategy.


Create compelling content

Create a sensible narrative

Create a strong brand

Personal Essay

The personal essay is the most important part of the application. The other components of the application must reinforce the essay to make a coherent narrative. Your past academic, professional, and personal experiences need to show your values and mission. Then you must show how graduate school will help you achieve those goals.

We can help you chart a course to avoid the hazards
so you have a safe route toward your success.

We can help put you on the map with the higher education you need to succeed.

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